As a provider of IT&C integrated services, RODAX Management addresses all types of industries.

We provide all types of services to Romanian Small-Medium Businesses.
RODAX Management supports a broad range of clients accross all types of industries. The table below shows our current customer profile:

Company size* Percent of total customer base**
1 - 20 44.32%
21 - 50 27.27%
51 -100 12.50%
101 - 200 11.36%
201 - 500 4.55%

We also have long-standing experience and very good cooperation records with international companies' Romanian subsidiaries and affiliates, some of our current activities being: local on-site support, infrastructure design, development and maintenance, inventory managemenent, deployment support, help-desk and more.

Company type Percent of total customer base**
Romanian Companies 42.05%
International Companies*** 57.95%
* Number of users
** Accurate as of Q1 2012
*** Affiliates, branches and subsidiaries
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